• Dennis O'Heney

Insulating the Van

This was the task that never ended for me.... I mean seriously, it felt like there was always more and more insulating to be done....

Insulation was the very first step in outfitting the van for me, and we started at the bottom - floor first! The plan was to lay down joists on the floor and fill in insulation in between them, capping it all off with a plywood subfloor. For the insulation, I put down inch and a half rigid panels, capped with reflectix foil insulation. For the subfloor, I was trying to balance structure with minimal loss of interior height. With that in mind, I decided to go for quarter inch this plywood.

After the flooring was complete, we moved on to insulating the walls. Unfortunately, I got wrapped up in the heat of the action and didn't get any good photos of the completed work. Trust me when I say it was really annoying, and consisted of 2 inch thick rigid foam panels and a bunch of reflectix foil insulation. Gotta love those space-ship vibes...

Anyways, after finishing the walls, we were pretty burnt out on insulation, so a few other tasks too place, including the window and bed platform installations. You can check out the other posts about those items though... Next up was the ceiling insulation! Yayyyy!

I really do mean that this seemed to drag on and on and on. There's a reason that I only have one picture of the ceiling panels. Ryan and I were past tired of getting foam everywhere, and really wanted to move on to the "fun" parts of framing and electrical.

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