• Dennis O'Heney

Kitchen Renovation

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

So this weekend saw me finally renovate the kitchen. This is a project that I've been talking about for a very long time, and was SUPER happy to finally get a good jump on.

General plan was to rip out the existing framing, box out the new framing, relocate my propane and water tanks to the back of the van, and run all new plumbing/gas lines. Seems like a relatively simple list, but my friend Ryan and I are way too easily distracted to get all that done in a weekend

The old kitchen construction was OK at best. To be honest, it was a little rushed and that definitely showed in the quality. With so little space in the van to begin with, it's so important that everything you build has a purpose and is functional. With that mindset,

We were able to set up shop at Ryan's garage for Saturday, but with him traveling for work on Sunday, I had to whip together a makeshift workshop in my parents garage to wrap things up. The only problem here, and it seems to be a recurring theme, is that it was raining... A little bit of creativity though and that's easily overcome!

Anyway. Two days of renovating and I was able to get the new framing together, relocate the utilities, fix the fridge roller/slider/faceplate combination, and build two center drawers.

The one complication I found, is that the heater is very close to the front of the counter unit, and so the opening for the ducting needs to be very precise. Unfortunately, the first time we went through and made it, we were off by about a half inch, and I won't be able to salvage that piece. I'll wrap it up sometime soon-ish though.

Still to come are the cabinet door for below-the-sink cabinet and baseplate for in front of the heater. After those are wrapped up, I'd like to frame out the perimeter of the window, put a little ledge behind the counter and finally install a more permanent window covering than the leftover foil insulation... All in due time though!

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