• Dennis O'Heney

Working from the Home Office!

A big part of my job as an engineer is making visits to job sites where I did calculations or design for some aspect of the project. Generally I take a company car to these now. Yes, I do find it a little nerve-wracking driving my life onto a constructions site. Well yesterday and today I had back to back visits that were far enough away from the office that I just decided to "work from home" in between visits.

Note: I think I used the term "working remotely" when letting my boss know what the plan was...

Anyway, it was pretty cool to be walking around the job sites performing my inspections, and then duck back into the van for a snack and to answer some emails (second breakfast is the most important meal of the day people). Also had the huge benefit of being able to make coffee whenever I wanted, which, compared to not having coffee, was a pretty big deal to me.

Moral of the story here: this was a big step for me in terms of my work life merging with my vanlife, though I try to keep the two as separate as possible. Things definitely went well and I learned that, as long as I'm a little discreet about it, people just think I'm driving an unmarked company truck!