• Dennis O'Heney

Installing the Fan

You know the feeling of getting into a car on a hot summer day? How you can't breath for a little while becuase the car is one big hot box? Yea, I was really trying to avoid having that happen to my house on a regular basis.... So I installed a Maxx Air Fan!

What I really like about this fan is that, unlike some other fans that you can get, you can run this while it's raining outside. That's awesome, and hugely helpful. When you open the fan cover, you're really just raising the fan body and air is either blown in or sucked out from beneath the fan assembly. This means you basically get a pretty cool skylight and have the ability to vent the van while it's wet outside. Pretty great stuff.

The terrifying part about this installation though, was that this was the first set of holes that I would be drilling into the van... To install the fan, we needed to cut out a 14" square hole in the roof. Luckily we picked a sunny day to do this.

Overall - the fan came out really nice, and provides very good circulation throughout the van. I know many people elect to install a fan over the kitchen area, but I figured it would be nicer to have over my planned bed location. I was thinking this would provide better comfort while sleeping, but also circulate air throughout the whole van, rather than just to the mid-way point. It also gave me a much clearer mounting area for the solar panels, as they take up a fair amount of space.

Anyway, really happy with the way this came out! No leaks and functions as hoped for! Stay tuned for a full review on performance, features, and a more comprehensive list of reasons as to why I chose this fan over other models.

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