Professional Career + Vanlife = Balance

Before moving into the van, I had a very difficult time finding the proper balance between my work and personal lives.  For the first year that I was at my engineering job I commuted over an hour each way to work, spending about 10 hours in the office.  Even after moving to an apartment closer to the office, I found that I only went in earlier and stayed later - not increasing any of my "free time" I had been hoping to gain back.

Moving in to the van was more for me than just trying to save money on rent or posting overly glamorous Instagram photos embellishing how cool I am; it was about eliminating distractions and unnecessary clutter in my life to better focus on my personal and career ambitions (saving $$ on rent is also pretty awesome).  You can call it laziness, or immaturity perhaps, but I find that sometimes it can take a decent amount of motivation for me to be accountable for myself and take ownership of what I need to be doing.  Well, for better or worse, slimming my life down to the size of a cargo van helps me to do this, and I find that I've been more productive and focused now than I have been since college (I can actually hear Mom and Dad laughing at me for that one...)

Anyway - This page is all about the little everyday routines, quirks, difficulties, and pleasantries that I run into trying to make this all work out.