About Me

Hi! My name is Dennis and I'm a structural engineer living in my converted Ram Promaster 2500 van.

After college, my girlfriend, Julia, and I traveled across the country to the West Coast where we spent the summer living in a Toyota Sienna mini-van.  We went out there with a rough plan of things to do and places to see, primarily focusing on rock climbing and backpacking, and left ourselves a bit of an open-ended plan for returning home to start our jobs.  Well, we were able to sustain our lifestyle of near constant activity for about two and a half months before making the impromptu decision to drive out of Boulder, CO and head home.

This experience, followed by the abrupt transition into the professional world starting my new job at an engineering firm, provided an eye-opening realization for me: there are many ways to live your life, and the traditional version that I was exposed to throughout my adolescence may not be the way that would make me happiest. 

Fast forward and I had been living at home with my family and commuting to work for about a year before finally signing the lease on my first apartment, cutting my travel time from over an hour each way to maybe 5 minutes (depending on whether or not you hit that one traffic light...).  I was loving my new apartment in the beginning.  It really was a nice setup, but over the coming months, I grew tired of paying high rent prices for an apartment which I was only really ever at to sleep.  Between spending weekends with Julia off on a climbing, hiking, skiing, or other outdoors related trip on the weekend and working long hours and climbing during the week, the apartment became more a matter of convenience than a real necessity.

Enter the van.

It was over a climbing trip to Rumney, NH that I first considered the change a truly viable option for everyday life.  Sure there would be concessions to make, and logistics to figure out, but surly I could optimize the lifestyle with my engineering background.  Over the next few weeks, I talked through the logistics of the whole plan with Julia and other friends, and finally decided that this was something I could make happen.

A month later, I was picking up my new RAM ProMaster 2500 with a rough idea of what I wanted to do with it!  Fast forward to now and I'm living this next chapter of my life on wheels :)